Friday, October 31, 2008

The Heart Attack Grill

It's a fact - Americans love to eat. They love food. Especially junk food with so much fat that gets to a point that looks gross and they adore HUGE sandwiches. It's a disease. Bad for the heart, makes you obese and ugly. Apparently, Americans know how bad fat is for you and your heart and that it precipitates on the inside of the arteries which can stop blood from reaching the heart, causing death. So that's why when they decided to make the greasiest, biggest, ugliest hamburger i have ever seen, the called the restaurant the Heart Attack Grill as if they were doing their part of raising people's awareness that eating there might cause heart attacks. If people do get heart attacks, it's not their fault, the didn't make them eat and they made a point that their burgers are deadly. YA RIGHT! It's just scary how big these burgers are.Their burgers are so bad and they know it that their waitresses wear nurses uniforms. And it's no joke, Americans eat that much. But look at me, not Americans eat this much, stupid people eat this much. So sorry to ever healthy American.


mab3oos said...

sounds like "Cancer Center" smoke shop in Amman.

Khalid said...

it's like they're not doing anything wrong for making those kinda burgers cuz they're telling u in one way or another not to eat it
same thing goes for the smoke shop
everyone is addicted of nicotine